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Star Wars The Clone Wars S01E09 HDTV Proper XviD-SC-SDH
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Star Wars The Clone Wars HDTV

2008-12-08 06:14:40 GMT
AhsokaTano Trusted


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AhsokaTano presents another High Quality XviD release for your viewing enjoyment. From the original nfo file:Star Wars The Clone Wars S01E09 HDTV Proper XviD-SC-SDHS01E09 - Cloak of DarknessAfter handing over a captured Nute Gunray to Captain Argyus and his Senate Commandos, Luminara Unduli and Ahsoka Tano must thwart a Separatist boarding, lead by Asajj Ventress. This is SDH release #555 for the Star Wars fans and wrestling fans from a Star Wars fan and wrestling fan.Aired and Captured on: 12/07/2008 on Cartoon Network HD channelon DirecTv HDTV Digital Satellite Broadcast then converted to 16:9 widescreen 624 x 320 resolution in a High Quality 233 MB XviD release with higher quality 192 kbps mp3 audioSDH releases are Philips DVD - DivX player compatible This Proper release has been recaptured from tonight's rebroadcast on Cartoon Network HD channel on DirecTv and fixes the audio issues that were in the original broadcast of this show on Friday that are not present on this Proper release. Sorry for the audio problem before but it was circumstances beyond my control due to DirecTv satellite audio problems on Friday night.This is The Clone Wars episode 9 on the Cartoon Network HDTV channel.Visit the Wrestling Bay at  //WrestlingBay.comFor more information on this Star Wars The Clone Wars HDTV series visit:   //


Enjoy another High Quality episode of The Clone Wars HDTV this is the Proper for those who want this episode with perfect audio!!!
Tell that to Cartoon Network HDTV engineers because the program was captured from Cartoon Network HDTV channel which is a 16:9 channel on Sunday night and that is the way it always looks on Sunday night that is why it is always captured on Friday night when it looks like the small picture above which is a direct screen capture at 1280x720p made to fit the small space above from the original show that was captured on Friday night.

Why do you guys make him explain this everytime ahsokatano posts an episode??

Just watch it and enjoy it, or don't download it...
Type SE
Magnet link Uploaded Today 13.29, ULed by piratebay HIDE MY IP NOW

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