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Star Wars The Clone Wars S01E11 720p HDTV DD5.1 x264.mkv
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Star Wars The Clone Wars S01E11 720p
2009-01-10 21:39:07 GMT

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Hidef version of S01E11... I like hidef...


I found and downloaded this file through Mininova. Now, won't someone up the 720p version of S01E12?
i'm surprised it takes this long to find this series in HD.. to be honest it looks like crap in SD.. but looks pretty nice in HD. problem is it usually takes 1-3 days longer to be uploaded than the SD rips.. thanks for uploading this here.
Strange. The video ratio is 2.35 instead of 1.85. This is not normal.
Audio is 2.0 NOT 5.1
Info from Avicodec and Mediainfo.
This was not good, over-cropped. The 720p Clone Wars eps from aAF, CTU and 2HD has all been 1280x720, this one removes alot from the bottom of the video and is therefore essentially a bad rip. I suspect they wanted to remove the CN-HD logo, but why?? If it aint broken then dont fix it!
This is a bad rip!!!
This is NOT a fake or cropped. It's an HD copy from SKY Movies in the UK. On SKY Movies The Clone Wars series is shown in FULL widescreen (2.35:1) whereas in the USA it's shown CROPPED into 16X9. I don't know why it's shown like that. :(
That is fact.
The file is correct.
But I prefer 1280x720 and 5.1 - is there any chance that version will appear?
This is perfectly legit, the OTHER releases are cropped coz CN airs all HD in 16:9 while Sky airs uncropped WS, just like xxeyewatchxx said!
I wish someone would upload 1-10 and 12-13 in full WS.

General Rule: If u are clueless --> STFU
From MiniNova:
"To everyone claiming that this is a cropped release."
"It seems that Star Wars: The Clone Wars is 'filmed' in 2.35:1 aspect ratio. The regular releases from the Cartoon Network are are zoomed and cropped to 16:9. Compare the SDTV releases of this episode with this release."
"Also, only the flashing images warning at the beginning has AC3 2.0 audio, the rest is in 5.1."

... so is this the most complete version, or what?
the first 2 seconds are 2.0, but the actual episode is 5.1 audio

and this is indeed more picture not less

in other words, the only thing wrong with this torrent is the noobs commenting on it :p
Subtitles anyone?
yes but still, if the 720p U.S version IS in fact missing picture on the sides, then it means it should be something like 1400 x 720
and that european 1280 x 544 could be missing quality or something
anyways it`s probably 544p because of the european HD standards (with their 576p or something)
Type SE
Magnet link Uploaded Today 13.29, ULed by piratebay HIDE MY IP NOW

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