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star wars star wars the clone wars star wars the clone wars 215 clone wars clone wars s02e15
2010-03-14 00:51:37 GMT

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Star Wars The Clone WarsSeason 2 - Episode 15 "Senate Murders"HDTV XviD Cinemascope 2.33 16x9 ARHere is the newest episode of the clone wars, which airedin the UK a week ahead of CN. They also air it in the 2.33:1 Cinemascope AR (like the BD rls' of the first season)!Big thx to ThV for the HD source file!Join us on IRC for this and most ALL New TV & Toon eps on super fast 100MBIT XDCC BOTS!!Channel: #TV-MadnessServer: irc.dejatoons.netor just open ur irc client and type /server irc.dejatoons.net -j #TV-MadnessHope to see you there!


uhm... not fake?
This isn't a fake...sad
ya wtf, i encoded this myself, it premiered saturday on Sky Films in UK, and this isnt the only ep ill have up early, 16 premieres next saturday, so dont tell me MY encode is confirmed fake, because if u even looked at it, u would know its real!
This is not a fake, thx Demon.

yes its real thanks for upload
Thanks in advance!!!
uploader has other active uploads going back almost a year, fake uploaders have brand new accounts, always a good idea to check some1s history before crying fake, think he's owed an apology.
ty for the upload
Great copy, nice to get it in full wide screen and without a dirty great channel reminder splattered across the corner of the screen, thanks.
Great quality. Nice work, DemonWak.
Hiya, you say this was shown in the UK. Could you tell me which channel it's broadcast on please?

Also, thanks for the up.
Wow, this one is widescreen, has no channel logo and even has the end credits almost intact. Great quality, thanks! Hope you'll have the following episodes early as well.
yes, not fake, even better than eztv , people think it's fake cause it's not a scene release, first site posting, TPB. great! thanks +1 !!
Thanks for the up!

Screw scene rules. I just want to watch the show!
Thanks for this
Thanks :)
erroneus should be banned.
This copy is excellent.
Thanks very much to DemonWak!
Nice to see the credits for once. the preview of "next weeks episode" is even acceptable :)

Now if you'd just make some 720p versions, I'm get real excited.
boring episode this is..
Thanks DemonWak, for the early upload and don't mind the begrudgers.
BTW, ep 16 was leaked... if anyone is interested: Star.Wars.The.Clone.Wars.S02E16.TVRip.XviD-P2P
Something wrong with the sound, Padmes voice is all high pitched. I had to Download another version that sounded better. sorry.
Excellent thanks!
its real. but its a boring episode 4sure.

not a single lightsaber in this episode
that police officer in this episode is such an annoying fuckwit!!

i hope we never see him again in future episodes
Type SE
Magnet link Uploaded Today 13.29, ULed by piratebay HIDE MY IP NOW

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